Choose the right model to engage with an expert that gives you high flexibility.

Expert works on a pre-defined project budget and is paid on a milestone basis.
When to select:
If you have a one time need or a clearly defined project scope, this model works well as our experts can define their deliverables and timelines clearly.
Service Fees:
We charge the expert a service fee of 20% for each milestone delivered & approved.
Expert works for a pre-defined period and is paid on periodic basis (hourly/weekly/monthly)
When to select:
If you are looking for a longer term association or an expert to explore your data before defining a clear project objective.
Service Fees:
We charge the expert a service fee of 20% of each periodic payout.
Expert is hired on your payroll as a full time employee.
When to select:
If analytics is the core of your business and you need a full time resource to work with you.
Service Fees:
We charge a service fee from the client once the expert is hired. The fee depends on the annual compensation of the expert.

Payment Schedule - Milestones

Payment Schedule - Contractual

Payment Schedule - Permanent

Data is the new oil and at EconoLytics, we aim to make the mining easier and affordable for you. We are a purpose driven data analytics marketplace empowering businesses and professional data analysts around the world and help them both grow exponentially.


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