What Econolytics does and does not do

What Econolytics does

  • Econolytics safeguards all the information collected from the client as well as the analyst during the registration process.
  • Econolytics aims to assess analysts on their profile history, domain knowledge, mathematical ability and logical aptitude by generating a proprietary Scoring algorithm - QScore for them.
  • Econolytics enables Elastic search which identifies the correct match for the client based on the project need and score.
  • Post the bidding process, Econolytics also facilitates an interview process to help the client identify the right candidate for their engagement.
  • Econolytics provides tools and templates on the platform which can be used by the analyst to gather requirements, define objective and milestones etc for the project.
  • Econolytics also facilitates the kick off call between the client and the analyst; and provides a framework for defining and running the project.
  • Econolytics enables milestone based payment on the platform ensuring seamless transfer of money between the client and the analyst. This is done through an Escrow account, the payment received from clients is held in the account and released to the analyst on successful completion of milestones as per the payment policy.

What Econolytics does not

  • Econolytics enables the match between the client’s need and analyst. However, the final selection of the analyst is at client’s discretion and Econolytics does not take responsibility of it.
  • For Project based engagement, Econolytics does not take responsibility of the quality of milestone deliverables. It enables a fair approval workflow for the client to review and asks for revision from the candidate in stipulated time period.
  • For Project based engagement, Econolytics facilitates a project kick off call between the client and the analyst, to enable exchange of knowledge regarding business problem, requirements and scope of the project. The Econolytics platform provide pre defined templates for capturing such information. It is completely at the discretion of both the parties to use these templates to run the project. Econolytics is not responsible for documenting such information.
  • Timelines of the milestone are decided by the client and the candidate, Econolytics does not take responsibility of any milestone timeline decisions.
  • The payment policy on the platform is fixed and cannot be changed at any point of time.
  • For full time and contractual engagements, the platform only enables the requirement/job posting, matching and payment. Further traction between the client and the candidate is not facilitated through the platform.

Data is the new oil and at EconoLytics, we aim to make the mining easier and affordable for you. We are a purpose driven data analytics marketplace empowering businesses and professional data analysts around the world and help them both grow exponentially.


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